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Sustainable Use Directive - SUD

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10 January 2017
linee guida per un uso sostenibile dei prodotti fitosanitari II edizione
La seconda edizione delle Linee guida per un uso sostenibile dei prodotti fitosanitari è ora disponibile
Il presente documento è reso pubblico secondo i termini della licenza:
Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
Attribuzione - Non commerciale - Condividi allo stesso modo
Questa licenza permette di distribuire, modificare, creare opere derivate dall’originale, ma non a scopi commerciali, a condizione che venga riconosciuta la paternità dell’opera agli autori e che alla nuova opera vengano
attribuite le stesse licenze dell’originale.
Per leggere una copia della licenza visita il sito web:
07 September 2011
IPM seen from the perspective of Sustainable Use Directive Objectives
OPERA recommendation regarding to the implementation of Directive for the Sustainable Use of Pesticides (SUD)
07 February 2011
Multifunctional Landscapes - Why good field margin management is important and how it can be achieved
This paper aims to show that it is feasible and practical to balance biodiversity conservation and protect resources on the farm, alongside competitive farming practices, which will deliver a secure and sustainable food supply for Europe and help to feed a growing world population. In particular, field margins, and other rural landscape features, can make a significant contribution to the achievement of these outcomes.
02 February 2011
Bio purification systems-Why on-farm water management is important and how it can be achieved
The OPERA publication "Bio purification systems- Why on-farm Water Management is important and how can it be achieved" offers practical information on how to implement at farm level a simple system for reducing potential risks of point sources contamination from the in-site area where the PPPs are disposed and handled.
27 January 2011
Indicators and Quantitative Targets to meet the objectives of the Sustainable Use Directive
During 2010, OPERA has dedicated the activity of an expert working group to develop a pragmatic reccomendation for the selection of risk indicators and target which would constitute the basis for the elaboration of the National Action Plans  for the Directive on sustainable use of pesticide.
10 September 2010
Colloquium on Sustainable Use of Pesticide Directive: Impact, Opportunity, Problems - OPERA Reflections on the outcome of the conference.
This colloquium is taking place during the 6th European Conference on Pesticides and related organic pollutants and the 12th Symposium on Chemistry and fate of modern pesticides (05th – 10th September 2010).
12 April 2010
Aspects of the UK “Consultation on the implementation of EU pesticides legislation”

OPERA experts comments and positive aspects of UK “consultation” documents for the transposition and the implementation of the Sustainable Use Directive.

15 February 2010
Selecting the right Risk Indicators to succesfully implement the Sustainable Use Directive. February 2010
In this paper OPERA encourage interaction and try to stimulate the debate on pesticide risk indicators.
10 November 2009
1st OPERA Scientific Expert meeting on Risk Indicators
Scientific Experts met first time for discussing their views on risk indicators and their implementation to comply with the Directive on Sustainable Use of Pesticides.
The objective of the workshop was to give indication to help Member States' implementation in their National Action Plans of the Chapter V article 15 of the Directive on Sustainable Use of Pesticides.
04 June 2009
The first meeting of the expert group on the Thematic Strategy on the sustainable use of pesticides
BRUSSELS - All the EU stakeholders met in Brussels first time for discussing first views of the directive implementation.
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